Fall 2014, Vol. 14, No. 1

Editor’s Note
– Christopher C. Klein

What Is an Economics Major? A Multi-State Analysis
– Melanie Marks and David Lehr

Forecasting First-Term Collegiate Success from Pre-Enrollment Information
– Donald I. Price and Gregory B. Marsh

Measuring Up: Assessment in Microeconomics
– Jill K. Hayter and Carolyn F. Rochelle

Learning by Doing: Formulating Macroeconomic Policy under Various Forms of Capitalism
– Charles L. Vehorn and Craig A. Waggaman

Major League Baseball: Dynamic Ticket Pricing and Measurement Costs
– Tim Dittmer and Bob Carbaugh

How Economic Development Affects Antibiotic Resistance
–  John B. Horowitz and H. Brian Moehring

Marketing during a Recession: An Illustration of How Economic Principles Guide Marketing Approaches
– Melanie Marks, Scott Wentland, and Abbey O’Connor

Income and Substitution Effects: Graphical Analysis for Intermediate Microeconomics
– Ambrose Leung, Maureen McGregor, and Justin Chesney

Working for the Weekend: A Time Allocation Model for Student Workers
– Joe S. Ballard and E. Anthon Eff