Fall 2012, Vol. 12, No. 1

A Pedagogical Note on Modeling the Economic Benefit of Emissions Abatement vs. the Economic Harm from Emissions
– Christopher S. Decker

Indifference Curve Analysis:
Beyond Simplifying Assumptions

– Walter E. Block and José Antonio Manuel Aguirre Sotelo

Patterns of Homework Initiation for Web-based Activities in Economics: A Study of Academic Procrastination
– Richard C. Schiming

Lessons Learned from a Course-Embedded Assessment Process: Foreign Exchange Markets in Principles of Economics
– Elizabeth Knowles and Glenn Knowles

Nominal and Real Income in a Real Dollar Store
– Sheldon H. Stein

The Opportunity Cost of Education:
Where Do the Lost Years Go?

– Hafizur Rahman, Jim Seldon and Zéna Seldon

Situational Economics
– R. A. Parsons