Spring, Vol. 8, No. 1

Confounding Issues in the Deadweight Loss of Gift-Giving
– H. Kristl Davison, Mark N. Bing, E. Bruce Hutchinson, and Leila J. Pratt

Undergraduate Research

Social Mobility in the United States as a Markov Process
– Zol Alexei Hooper and E. Anthon Eff

Cross Elasticity of Supply: As Big a Secret in Canada as It Is in the U.S.
– Anthony J. Greco

An Economics Capstone Course from Creation to Presentation
– Dennis S. Edwards

The Adoption of Specialized High School Financial Literacy Curriculum Modules
– David Fehr

Fall 2008, Vol. 8, No. 2

Presenting Unemployment in Principles Classes: Micro and Macro Perspectives
– J. J. Arias

The Search for an Economics Job with a Teaching Focus
– Mark F. Owens

International Trade Theories within a Unified Framework
– John Roufagalas and Sumati Srinivas

Nonstationarity and Nonlinearity in the US Unemployment Rate: A Re-examination
– Dipak Ghosh and Swarna (Bashu) Dutt

Can Money Supply Predict Stock Prices?
– Sara Alatiqi and Shokoofeh Fazel

The Use of PRS in Introductory Microeconomics:
Some Evidence on Performance and Attendance

Christopher N. Annala, Shuo Chen, Daniel R. Strang