Fall 2014, Vol. 14, No. 1

Editor’s Note
- Christopher C. Klein

What Is an Economics Major? A Multi-State Analysis
- Melanie Marks and David Lehr

Forecasting First-Term Collegiate Success from Pre-Enrollment Information
- Donald I. Price and Gregory B. Marsh

Measuring Up: Assessment in Microeconomics
- Jill K. Hayter and Carolyn F. Rochelle

Learning by Doing: Formulating Macroeconomic Policy under Various Forms of Capitalism
- Charles L. Vehorn and Craig A. Waggaman

Major League Baseball: Dynamic Ticket Pricing and Measurement Costs
- Tim Dittmer and Bob Carbaugh

How Economic Development Affects Antibiotic Resistance
-  John B. Horowitz and H. Brian Moehring

Marketing during a Recession: An Illustration of How Economic Principles Guide Marketing Approaches
- Melanie Marks, Scott Wentland, and Abbey O’Connor

Income and Substitution Effects: Graphical Analysis for Intermediate Microeconomics
- Ambrose Leung, Maureen McGregor, and Justin Chesney

Working for the Weekend: A Time Allocation Model for Student Workers
- Joe S. Ballard and E. Anthon Eff


Fall 2013, Vol. 13, No. 1

Unintended Consequences of Trade Distortions and Price Controls:
A National Tragedy Provides a Teaching Moment

- S. Christoffersen

Predicting Student Performance Using Online One-Minute Papers
- Lee E. Erickson and Patricia A. Erickson

Understanding Cost and Production Using a Cooperative Learning Technique in a Microeconomics Class
- Prathibha V. Joshi

Rules of Thumb for Balance of Payments Accounting
- Benjamin Atkinson

Using RFID Technology to Track Attendance
- Mehmet F. Dicle and John Levendis

The Effects of Fiscal and Monetary Policies on Economic Outcomes: A Classroom Activity Using Mankiw’s “Presidential Game”
- Hilde Patron and William J. Smith


Fall 2012, Vol. 12, No. 1

A Pedagogical Note on Modeling the Economic Benefit of Emissions Abatement vs. the Economic Harm from Emissions
- Christopher S. Decker

Indifference Curve Analysis:
Beyond Simplifying Assumptions

- Walter E. Block and José Antonio Manuel Aguirre Sotelo

Patterns of Homework Initiation for Web-based Activities in Economics: A Study of Academic Procrastination
- Richard C. Schiming

Lessons Learned from a Course-Embedded Assessment Process: Foreign Exchange Markets in Principles of Economics
- Elizabeth Knowles and Glenn Knowles

Nominal and Real Income in a Real Dollar Store
- Sheldon H. Stein

The Opportunity Cost of Education:
Where Do the Lost Years Go?

- Hafizur Rahman, Jim Seldon and Zéna Seldon

Situational Economics
- R. A. Parsons


Fall 2011, Vol. 11, No. 2

Teaching Graduate Economics: Online vs. Traditional Classroom Instruction
- Doris Bennett, Cynthia McCarty, and Shawn Carter

Effects of Current and Prior Skipped Classes on Current Exam Performance
- Tin-Chun Lin

Payment Methods and Practices among College Students: A Classroom Discussion Tool
- David Boldt, Hilde Patron, and William J. Smith

A Primer on Profit Maximization
- Robert Carbaugh and Tyler Prante

Undergraduate Research

Salary Caps and Competitive Balance in Professional Sports Leagues
- Evan S. Totty and Mark F. Owens

Summer 2011, Vol. 11, No. 1

Teaching Econometrics Using Formative Assessment
- Geetha Rajaram

On Cognitive Ability and Learning in a Beauty Contest
- Oliver Schnusenberg and Andrés Gallo

Four Budget Deficit Theories in One Model
- Jens Peter Siebel and Athanassios Pitsoulis

Experiential Learning Based Discussion vs. Lecture Based Discussion:
How to Estimate the Unemployment Rate

- Inhyuck “Steve” Ha and Jessica Hollars Wisniewski

Consumption-Saving Investigation: United States
- Jamie Emerson


Summer, Vol. 10, No. 1

Simplifying the Price Elasticity of Demand
- Thomas Andrews and Cynthia Benzing

Worker Payments and Incentives:
A Classroom Experiment

- Linda S. Ghent

Is Financial Literacy Improved by Participating in a Stock Market Game?
- Cynthia Harter and John F.R. Harter

A Quick Argument for Active Learning:
The Effectiveness of One-Minute Papers

- Kristin Stowe

Undergraduate Research

Public Transportation Ridership Levels
- Christopher R. Swimmer and Christopher C. Klein

Fall, Vol. 10, No. 2

Rational Expectations in the Classroom:
A Learning Activity

- Calvin Blackwell

Why Does No One Teach Undergraduate Macroeconomics Using the Dyanmic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model?
- Paul Turner

Long-Run Economic Growth and Policy:
A Case about Mali

- Derek Stimel

A Gender Comparison of Economists’ Publications
- E. Bruce Hutchinson, Marc A. Loizeaux, Leila J. Pratt, and Stephanie Smullen


Summer, Vol. 9, No. 1

Demonstrating the Central Limit Theorem in the Classroom:
An Excel Exercise

- Hilde Patron, William J. Smith, and David Boldt

Why Learning Styles Matter for Student Achievement in College Economics
- Ralph A. Terregrossa, Fred Englander, and Zhaobo Wang

The Effect of Scrambling Test Questions on Student Performance in a Small Class Setting
- Della L. Sue

Undergraduate Research

The Environment of Microfinance Institutions:
The Role of Economic Freedom

- Phillip Kamau Njoroge and E. Anthon Eff

Analysis of U.S. Foreign Aid Determinants for 2003
- Joshua M. Hill and Christopher C. Klein


Spring, Vol. 8, No. 1

Confounding Issues in the Deadweight Loss of Gift-Giving
- H. Kristl Davison, Mark N. Bing, E. Bruce Hutchinson, and Leila J. Pratt

Undergraduate Research

Social Mobility in the United States as a Markov Process
- Zol Alexei Hooper and E. Anthon Eff

Cross Elasticity of Supply: As Big a Secret in Canada as It Is in the U.S.
- Anthony J. Greco

An Economics Capstone Course from Creation to Presentation
- Dennis S. Edwards

The Adoption of Specialized High School Financial Literacy Curriculum Modules
- David Fehr

Fall 2008, Vol. 8, No. 2

Presenting Unemployment in Principles Classes: Micro and Macro Perspectives
- J. J. Arias

The Search for an Economics Job with a Teaching Focus
- Mark F. Owens

International Trade Theories within a Unified Framework
- John Roufagalas and Sumati Srinivas

Nonstationarity and Nonlinearity in the US Unemployment Rate: A Re-examination
- Dipak Ghosh and Swarna (Bashu) Dutt

Can Money Supply Predict Stock Prices?
- Sara Alatiqi and Shokoofeh Fazel

The Use of PRS in Introductory Microeconomics:
Some Evidence on Performance and Attendance

Christopher N. Annala, Shuo Chen, Daniel R. Strang


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